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Commission custom Helmet (Royalty Licensing Free) HUBOPTIC® LED Dj Helmet Customization ledhelmet13001

Commission custom Helmet (Royalty Licensing Free) HUBOPTIC® LED Dj Helmet Customization ledhelmet13001

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You are purchasing a commission type of custom mask/helmet exclusive for your business use, shows, music video, games, stage performances, etc.

In general, there are just too many choice of variations, colors and light up materials to design a layout for your face mask.
To start a project mask customization, all comes down to a determine a price tag and determine the possibilities on how to produce it. Sometimes if the material costs or labors cannot cover your budget we won’t be able to process the order.

Because these unique light up masks are all 100% hand assembled (specially when everything are made out from scratch), most of time we spend well over 72~100+ hrs of labors for just assembling a customized mask plus only if the materials are in-stock and available for assembling.

~To make things simple, we have created this listing for an easy custom mask ordering~

A basic cost of mask customization always start with a price tag. With this reasonable working pricing for your consideration. It is for a custom front face design mask with custom static lightings or sound reactive lighting or sequential lighting fx (non programmable or digital). If you need to create a special and complex design mask. Please email us for the inquiry. As pricing really depends on the job and your needs.

All orders are first come first serve basis. Please do not wait until last minute or ask us to rush the order for next day. As much we respect your order we want you to respect our working hours and production schedules at the same time. Things get done smoothly when there are enough time to finish a good quality products.

Our average turn around time for a custom front face mask could take at least 5~7+ business days base on our current production schedules. When order is placed, we will gather your inputs for all your light up needs. Your custom order is important to us and It will be processed accordingly.

~ ONLY MADE TO ORDER ~ Batteries not included
Please respect our PRODUCTION SCHEDULE, HANDLING TIME and SHIPPING time for this customized item. Crafting materials and Labor cost are involved for this customized item; THUS, WE DO NOT ISSUE RETURN OR REFUND. Please decide when you are making the purchase or contact us if any questions.

NOTE: Custom helmet is for OFF-ROAD use only! Stage, show performance Props Use. Please respect your traffic law!

Perfect GIFT for everyone! Multi-purpose usage, DJ party, Cosplay, Gigs, Live streaming, Stage Shows and more!
Authentic • Limited Quantity Produced • Unique • 100% hand-crafted and assembled in USA
Sound Reactive Light Up Gear design by Jorge Pong HUBOPTIC® patented
Manufacturers warranty protected using CE and Rohs certified components

- Audible (Hum/pitch) Sound from Battery Box

The sound refers to the lights omits power thru the copper wire making it an humble "pitch" like sound almost to every power inverters (fans, freezer, engines, etc.) The sound is normal for almost all power lighting products and It is well documented everywhere in the web;*

We carry our electronics product with factory warranties so free fix if there's any failure within 15 days of purchase. However, the sound is perfect normal for this type of technology.

HUBOPTIC® is registered under International Primary Class 028. U.S Class: 022, 023, 038, 050 of the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office.
The official United States Patent Trademark Serial Number for HUBOPTIC® is 85-632,265. FACE MASK Patent: D681881 , 29/439,930 , 85-632,265
HUBOPTIC® has been published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) on Oct 23, 2012.

U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) Registered. D-U-N-S Number: 080493126 / CAGE: 7RXY4
Property of Jorge Pong® All rights reserved.

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